Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chugging along with my 23 things.

Today I worked on my Bloglines subscription.
I opened my account and went through the list of top feeds.
I chose more than ten interesting sites to check, including local weather, word of the day, National Geographic news and other news sites.
I will enjoy checking this site out day by day.
There were other sites I would like to subscribe to, but, I need to spend more time to figure out how to get them added. I would like to add sites such as Asbury Park Press, comics and magazine sites such as Woman's Day.
Some of the sites/feeds I attempted to open were unavailable at the time.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Library Info

Library Info
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This is a monthly program and events cover and a bookmark from my branch, Jackson.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

jumping ahead a thing, just trying it out.

Just above is the URL to see the happenings/events at the Jackson branch.
Let's see how it works!
Click and go. : )
Welllllll, I just tried it and
the link brings you to the main page of what's happening.
BUT you can use the drop down box and click on Jackson,
or where ever else you would like and then you will see what I was trying to capture.
Give it a go! ; )

unity print

unity print
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I LOVE this picture!

our motto

our motto
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I was hoping to edit this pic a bit by cutting off the blank part at the top.
But, the computer wouldn't let me.
Flickr needed me to use some pic nick thing of theirs,
and then they wanted me to download something else,
and then finally the computer would not allow it.
Here is my photo of our motto
in full.
Our motto,
Our Mission Statement.

shelves shot

shelves shot
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See, I love shelves and shelves of Books!

steps and stacks

steps and stacks
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Do you know where this is?
It is upstairs
Jackson Branch!
I just think this is so artistic looking!
I love the look of the red rails,
and I love stacks of books.
Stacks and Stacks of Books!
Ahhhhhhhh : )